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Thank you for your kindness and consideration! 


-Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. 


-Tuition reserves your lesson time and the teacher


-Credit will not be given for absences and/or cancellations.


-If a lesson must be cancelled please give the teacher 24 hours advance notice.


-If the teacher must cancel the lesson, you will be informed in advance and will receive credit.


-Make-up lessons typically are not possible due to the teachers schedule. Any make-up lessons will be scheduled at the teachers convenience.

-The teacher does not assume financial responsibility for any missed lessons on the students part. Illness, vacation, appointments, emergencies, etc. will not be credited.

*The teacher assumes full financial responsibility for any missed lessons on the teachers part and reserves the right to credit the student or schedule a makeup lesson where possible.

-Payments made will not be refunded should the student choose to discontinue.

-The teacher must be notified of the discontinuation of lessons at least 2 WEEKS in advance so that the teacher can coordinate their teaching schedule.

-The teacher reserves the right to discontinue teaching any student. In this event, lessons will be discontinued after the last lesson paid has been given.

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